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Monday, January 28, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT : 25.1.08 Interview Results

hey this is the result that everyone been waiting for i guess.... here is the results for the Lion Dance Troupe's interview....

1. Tan Sook Yee 5s2
2. Lim Li Fen 5sf1
3. Fom Chee Hou 5p1
4. Soon Yong 5p1
5. Too Tuck Yew 5p1
6. Amanda Wong Qian Ru 5p1
7. Goh Hui Ying 5p1
8. Hooi Li Hoe 5p2
9. Wong Jia Quan 5p2
10. Lee Shin Ann 4p5
11. Foo Sze Chuan 4p6
12. Chu Eng Sin 3b2
13. Adelyn Kok 3b4
14. Yap Yoon Teng 3b4
15. Gan Hwei Hng 3b5
16. Michelle Ng 3b5
17. Foo Yean Wearn 3b6
18. Amanda 3c2
19. Teh Wey Anne 3c3
20. Tay Wan Jing 2b4
21. Hoo Chak Soon 2b4
22. Chan Pek See 2b5
23. Teo Rui Hua 2c4
24. Nicholas Ravindrasingam 1a1
25. Eugene Chan Kar Jian 1a2
26. Siew Cheng Li 1a2
27. Tan Xin Ci 1a3
28. Thye Mun Chun 1a4
29. Lim Yi Zen 1a5
30. Lee Zheng Yu 1b2
31. Roshan A/L R.Jayachandran 1b4
32. Sua Choon Kang 1b4
33. Leng Mun Ben 1b4
34. Lee Chee Foon 1b5
35. Tan See Yee 1b5

Congratulations to those who had successfully passed the interview.. Welcome to the family....
all new members were required to be there for the first training on this coming Friday ( 1st February 08 ) at the school hall at 12.30pm sharp.. please be puncture...

P.S. : all new members will be given a month as a probational period...

Friday, January 25, 2008

new site !!!

hello everyone.... this is Catholic High School Lion Dance Troupe's newest site.... from here u guys will get to know the latest happening from the troupe.... such as announcements, performances... practice sessions....
besides.... we will update the latest events and performances here so that u people will get to know what are we doing and the service we're providing...

as Chinese New Year is coming.... we will be getting businesses from you guys out there... we provide performances such as normal ground performance.. traditional performances and so on.... so for those who are interested in inviting us over to their houses, offices or any place... do contact us at and we will try to arrange the time for you guys.... the dates that we will be going for performances are 10th, 16th & 17th of February.. which is the 4th, 10th & 11th day of Chinese New Year.... so contact us NOW.!!!
we're serving in a first-come-first-serve basis... so be fast..!!!