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Monday, October 20, 2008


The Lion Arts was founded in April 2008 intentionally to spread the story and facts behind the art of lion dancing as many information and history spreading around are only myth and many are not real. Also entertaining readers and visitors with crowd pulling competition videos, movies and pictures.

Gain with a humble blogspot and caught the heart of many lion dancers and lion dance fans resulting and average of 2000 visitors monthly. To improvise and provide lion dancers and lion dance fans with a more flexibility and leisure of browsing, The Lion Arts in associate with members like, LionDonceFreak and a corporation which gave great support to various lion dance activity in Malaysia, CNI Malaysia who are a big sponsors of Tang Long World Lion Dance Championship and also one of the main sponsor for Kun Seng Keng Malaysia now introduce to appreciate readers and visitors support and with our own web platform, we are now more flexible to provide information about lion dance story, video, event and information, interacting with people with its very own forum, connecting lion dancing network, and also its newly introduce web store which offers various equipment needs for dragon and lion dance, accessories, DVD's, wears and uniform prints and many more products coming with the best price and easy purchase access platform.

The Lion Arts will still run as friendly as how it was on though we owns a new platform and look. Readers are still welcome to interact with The Lion Arts by emailing or by posting shout outs in the chatter box below just like the same old way.

Space are limited here for detail description and thousand of thanks and appreciation towards Loyal Partners, Readers and Fans. So, hope every one enjoy browsing and explore the new Lion Arts.

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dear members.
to know more about lion dancing.
you can kindly visit the website we introduced above.

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